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Motivasi! Motivasi! Motivasi!


Dah lame rasenye saya tak letak post kat sini...
saya baru je balik dari kampung di Kuantan...maklumlah kat sane takde streamix, nak gune prepaid telefon rumah plak buat perangai...

Tak taulah ape masalah telekom nih, dah dekat sepuluh kali datang betulkan, tak elok2 jugak...yuran bulanan tetap kene bayar...

Baru2 ni diorang datang, siap tukar aerial yang besar punye...dan 2-3 hari je...dari susah nak call-out, sekarang langsung takleh gune...motivasi saye pun jadi kendur...mule2 semangat, sekali kene camni terus layu jadinye...

Sebut pasal motivasi nih, kite kene dimotivasikan hari2 supaya kite akan berada dijalan yang betul untuk mencapai matlamat...nasib saya baik sebab ade sorang kawan saye nih, Taqiyuddin name die, die buat satu blog untuk motivasi...jadi, sekarang bile rase tak bermotivasi je saye terus jenguk blog Motivasi Kehidupan die...

Kepade anda yang rase tak bermotivasi tuh...jenguk2lah ke blog sdr Taqiyuddin nih...semoga kite same2 bermotivasi...

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 4

7. Look for people in need of extra income

Many small businesses are in need to extra revenue to help with cash flow problems. If they offer services they may also be interested in establishing a business that provides passive income - especially if it fits into what they already offer.

The biggest advantage is the fact that you are targeting people who are already motivated and understand what it takes to run a successful business. These individuals will also be networking in their businesses and therefore may be in a position of influence. Professionals that come in contact with a large number of people also make good distributors. The more ‘business minded’ your prospects are the more likely you will recruit them.

8. Make a written plan with all your goals

As a life coach I understand the importance of writing goals down as a way of working towards them. We are more likely to commit to something that is written down, plus you can hang it up within your sight to remind you of what you are working towards when you are in need of motivation. I recommend your top six goals are written out daily and/or read out.

Every business owner should have a goal to which they are aspiring to. If you aim for nothing you are likely to strike it. If your plan is to get to a residual income of $30,000 per month then you should set smaller goals on your way there.Enjoying Success With Network Marketing

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 3

5. Empower your downline members ASAP!

Leveraging other people’s time and skills is the powerful system that lies behind Network Marketing.

Teaching is an important part of the game of building a strong team but some marketers make the mistake of doing too much for their downline members. This often backfires, however, because the downline members become comfortable and depend too heavily on their upline and never grow strong enough to build their own teams.

So it is important that you train your downline members and empower them to take the plunge towards getting going as quickly as possible. Avoid doing too much for them, or making them dependent on contacting you for every little thing.

6. Arrange group rather than one to one discussions

Whenever possible arrange to talk to a group of people at once rather than focus on talking to everyone individually, which will be very time consuming. The best network marketing companies will already have group presentations that you can invite people to attend but you may also want to consider running your own. Other things to try include hosting an online chat room, setting up a toll free number with a recorded message that invites callers to leave their details so that you can return the call.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 2

3. Be in it for the long haul

Once you find a reputable company be prepared to stay for the long haul. As mentioned above building your business takes time. The most successful people in life have gone through very trying times but they stuck with it and left a legacy behind. It is often said that tough times don’t last but tough people do. The same is true for those seeking to build a solid residual income. You should commit yourself to at least 3 years before making a decision either way. Yes! That’s right. AT LEAST 3 years. Jumping from one opportunity to the next only shows a lack of decision and stability in your planning.

4. Listen to those who have been successful

Learn from the pros and stick with what works. When you first join a network marketing company it is really easy to “pick holes” in the way things are done. Perhaps you see a better way to achieve something. Well before you rush off and try it contact the “heavy hitters” – the successful people within the company and ask them if it has been tried already. If it ain’t broke then don’t try and fix it.

Be a learner for your first year. Just listen, learn and apply. After you are more established you can always pick up on your idea and if it is a good one then you will have the backing of experience to help you put it in place. Being in a new network marketing company is learning enough for anyone, don’t complicate things by trying to do things your way.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 1

One of the reasons that so many people are not successful with network marketing is because they give up too early. Now don’t get me wrong it can appear to be a tough business at the beginning. Recruiting, training, selling, promoting, it can seem like a huge learning curve of “things to do” and when you are not used to running a business in that way it can be easier to give up than go on.

Below are 11 steps you can take to ensure you enjoy success with network marketing, stay on the road to success and avoid potential pitfalls.

1. Be prepared to handle rejection.

Who said that any kind of selling was easy? But it all comes down to attitude. If you can understand that a rejection of the opportunity that you are so excited about is not a rejection of you as a person, then you are on your way. “No” must be interpreted as “next”. This is easier said than done but it’s the price of success.

2. Be realistic in your expectations.

All new businesses take time to develop and grow. If you go into a network marketing opportunity and raise your bar to a level you can’t reach you will soon become disappointed. By the same token I never want to dampen a persons enthusiasm if they truly believe that they can achieve high numbers in a short time. However, many times unrealistic expectations are set and disappointment often follows.

Would you work out in the gym for an hour and then expect to have rippling muscles? Then why expect a business venture to be off the ground and earning you money within a few weeks? Give it time, this is a newborn baby, it takes time to nurture and grow. The potential results are worth the initial effort.

If your attraction to a network marketing company was the sales page that mentioned the salaries of their top recruiters find those people and ask them how long it took them to build their business and how much money and time they had to put into it. This information will give you a clearer picture.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

The Malaysian Revolution

Saya baru menyertai komuniti internet di TheMalaysianRevolution. Laman ini dibina oleh saudara Gobala Krishnan. Usaha yang sangat baik dengan menghimpunkan 12 orang IM yang sudah berjaya dari Malaysia untuk menjadi mentor kepada sesiapa yang benar2 berminat dan sanggup berusaha untuk menjadi seperti mereka. Disitu disediakan temuramah antara Sdr Gobala Krishnan dan 12 orang IM yang boleh dianggap sifu dalam perniagaan internet. Kepada yang berminat dengan MLM juga boleh mendapatkan pendedahan dari sifu MLM internet Malaysia iaitu Sdr Zamri Nanyan...Bagi yang berminat boleh klik banner diatas untuk anda dibawa kepada laman tersebut...

Terima kasih dan tahniah kepada Sdr Gobala Krishnan atas usaha yang dilakukan...

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

3 Millionaire Mindsets

N - Stands for Novelty. What's new in your business? A big commission check? A new product launch? Finding out about CEM?s new "best of the best" leads? ;) That's what you need to focus on -- novelty. It keeps you fresh in mind. It keeps you exciting.

V - Stands for Value. If you are not bringing value to people, you will not be successful. In order to make bodacious money (in any business) you need to give your customers or prospects something that they can't get by NOT doing business with you.

At the VERY least, you are giving your prospects the real GIFT of network marketing: a chance for the little guy to make big bucks (and sleep in every morning)! Yahooooooo!

P - Stands for Passion. People don't care that your vitamins have "hydrophonically arranged molecules of permeated, heat-sensitive elements." They ONLY care about the PASSION you show...

If you are not in network marketing for the shear JOY of loving what you do, forget about it! You must find something that really brings about your passion! (That?s the $100,000 secret...passion!)
If you want more info about Mark and his "millionaire training sessions," check out his site or get to the next college-accredited training -- it comes highly recommended!!

All My Best,

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire


Muhammad Ali once said, ' You see I learned a long time ago that being good was simply not enough, you've got to have imagination and you've got to have a dream.'

Dexter Yager, the former truck driver who built a multimillion- dollar business, wrote, 'If the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.'

So what's stopping you?


Be like the donkey and shake off whatever is holding you back and step up.

You deserve to be rich. There is nothing standing between you and a million dollars if you believe that by changing your thinking you can become a millionaire in less than a minute.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire



Get a dream, set a goal and go, go ,go.

Work like tomorrow will never come and today will never leave.

Find a mentor, get a vehicle for your dream's fulfilment.

Millionaire mentality is yours in less than a minute if you decide to begin today.

Start declaring this today: "I am millionaire quality. I deserve to be a millionaire. I have a great mind. I have ability. I have ideas. I will find a way and the means to make millions. I will develop millionaire habits. I will find a mentor who is a millionaire and I will learn from them. Right now I am a millionaire in my thoughts and from this day forward I will be a millionaire in my speech and in my actions. I can, I do and I will. No dirt is going to stop me because I will just simply shake it off and step up."

Motivational Memo for the Week: Millionaire mentality leads to millionaire reality.
You can do it!

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

How To Build Uptrend Business - Cikgu Ahmad Amirudin

Last week I and my partner Acik go to Uptrend Headquarters to attend a talk about Gold Power. The speaker is a very outstanding leader in Uptrend, become a millionaire after one year in this business. Well known as a humble and honest person whos developed 80 000 downline so far in this business. People come from all around Malaysia, and Indonesia to attend the talk. There were so crowded and I standing on my feet for about 2 hours till Cikgu Amir finish his talk. I would like to share with you How to Build Uptrend Business the way of Cikgu Amir...
The key is F, P , B , R

F = Foundation ( Dream & Belief )

P = Pillar ( Read many books - Rich Dad Poor Dad, Business School, Develope Leader Around You, The Art of Talking, Copy Cat 101, - Hear tapes @ CD - Go to function - Get a coach - Use the product )

B = Beam ( Make table talk - 4/day )

R = Roof ( Duplicate the job )

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

Cikgu Ahmad Amirudin

Cikgu Ahmad Amirudin

"Orang biasa, pendapatan luar biasa"

Dengan satu keputusan yang mudah dan berkata YA pada satu peluang, segalanya berubah. Pada awalnya beliau langsung tidak nampak akan peluang yang ada di depan mata tetapi dengan satu kepercayaan 'peluang selalunya datang dalam keadaan kita tidak bersedia' telah membuatkan Ahmad Amirudin Mohamed atau lebih dikenali dengan nama Cikgu Amir mengambil keputusan menyertai UPTREND.

" Saya buat keputusan untuk berjaya ( make it happen and do not care what the people said ) dan saya belajar dari hari kehari , berani dan tidak malu menerima segala kritikan dan kegagalan hingga akhirnya dengan semangat yang ada, Alhamdulillah...hari ini saya sangat bersyukur pada Tuhan, rezeki yang datang dari punca yang tidak disangka-sangka. Setiap hari dapat duit dalam perniagaan UPTREND. Pendapatan yang jauh lebih baik dari pendapatan yang saya perolehi dari perniagaan konvensional yang saya jalankan lebih dari 5 tahun"

"Saya memilih untuk melakukan UPTREND kerana ingin melihat pembaharuan dalam hidup. Bagi saya 'U say the same, U stay the same' and 'U do the same, U get the same', jadi saya memberi peluang pada diri saya untuk mencuba perniagaan ini"

"Kita ada 1001 alasan untuk gagal, tetapi kita hanya perlu satu sebab shaja untuk berjaya dan kalau kita ingin melihat perubahan, jadilah perubahan yang kita inginkan kerana tiada orang yang gagal dalam kehidupan melainkan dia memilih untuk gagal dan kegagalan yang sebenar adalah kegagalan mencuba"

#petikan dari majalah Apprentice keluaran pertama, May 2007.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

5 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads with Your Website

by Charlie Cook

If you sell services one of the biggest challenges is identifying qualified prospects who want what you have to offer and are ready to buy. It is possible to waste time on cold calls and other marketing activities that turn up little in the way of sales. Wouldn't you rather have a steady stream of hot leads, leads that not only include contact information but give you an idea of what the prospect needs, the problem they want solved?
You have a web site, and hundreds if not thousands of people visit your site each week. If your site is working well it should be providing you with a list of hundreds of people who want to be on your marketing list each week and dozens of qualified leads, people who want you to call them right away about your services.
Use the following five tactics to generate a list of qualified prospects.
1. Collect Contact InformationStrive to collect the email address of every person who visits your web site and is interested in the problems you solve. Offer a free article, tutorial or guide as bait to motivate people to give you their email address so youcan market to them again and again.
Offer prospects something they want, and place your sign-up form prominently at the top of your home page and in a side navigation bar on the other pages of your site. This should help you capture the email addresses of 10-20% of the people who visit your site each week.
2. Use Auto Responders to Collect Detailed InformationIf you use a free giveaway and the briefest of sign up forms to get people to give you their email information you can market to prospects but wouldn't it be helpful to have more information?
Use an autoresponder to send people a confirmation when they request your free article or sign up for your newsletter. In the email ask them for detailed contact information and ask them a couple of questions about what they're interested in.
3. Get People to Tell You How You Can Help ThemMany people use the web as tool to find solutions and to hire people who can help them solve their problems. If you are a financial advisor, giving away an article on financial tips is a great way to get contact information but what you really want to do is to identify those people who have an immediate interest in your services.
Prompt people to contact you by including an inquiry form on your web site, but don't make the mistakes made on most web sites. Too often inquiry forms are buried on the site, multiple clicks away from the pages most frequently viewed by your visitors. Include your form on high visibility pages, at the bottom of your homepage and other key pages about your services and products.
Use your inquiry form to both collect contact information and to identify the services your prospects are interested in and how you can help them. When you make your follow up calls you'll know where to start the conversation.
When you receive completed inquiry forms you can sort through them to identify which ones are worth following up on based on the answers provided. Then pick up the phone and use these qualified leads to find new clients and grow your business.
4. Collect Feedback and Learn More About Your Prospect's NeedsWhen people visit your sell pages, the web pages that describe your products and services, they've expressed an interest. Some will move directly to purchase, others will discover they don't have any further interest and a large number will fall into the middle. These are people who are interested but not ready to commit.
Before visitors leave your web site sell pages, you can use exit pop up windows to collect feedback and to find out what they are looking for.
Offer a free article to motivate visitors to fill in the form. When you get these feedback forms, follow up with a call. Use this conversation to find out why they didn't buy the service or product or to get further information about the problems they want solved. Once you have these prospects on the phone you'll be surprised how many you can turn into clients.
5. Send out Surveys to Identify What SellsIf you have a newsletter you can leverage the trust of your readers to collect ideas of what they want to buy. If you've been sending out ideas and information to your target market periodically they will be more than likely to respond when you ask for their input.
Two to four times per year, send an informal survey to your subscriber base, asking for their ideas. Ask them which of your product or service ideas they like best and what they need and want. Tabulate their responses and develop the products and services they asked for.
Use these five lead collection strategies to identify prospects with a problem, one you can solve. Once you know who needs your help, its easy to follow up, close the sale and grow your business.

Dentist MLM

3 Ways to Beat Your Competition

You will always have competitors. You cannot control their activity. But you can minimize their impact on your business. Here are 3 ways you can position yourself to generate sales with little or no competition.

1. Use Unconventional Marketing Methods
Most businesses use the same marketing methods as their competitors. Adapt some unconventional marketing methods to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Your unique marketing will attract more attention and get more sales.

For example, most online businesses only use online marketing methods to generate traffic to their website. By including some offline marketing, they can bypass the heavy competition online and produce more traffic - and more sales.

Tip: Print your best small ad on a postcard and mail it to prospects in your targeted market. Postcards are inexpensive and easy to use. Most recipients will read a brief message on a postcard.

2. Uncover Overlooked Markets
You cannot avoid competition when you market to the same prospects as your competitors. Look for some new niche markets you and your competitors overlooked. You may uncover a market you can dominate with little or no competition.

Revise your ads, web pages and other sales messages so they appeal specifically to the unique interests and needs of prospects in your new niche market. For example, I recently spoke with a network marketer who singled out the following 3 niche markets. She customized her sales approach for each market to emphasize a different major benefit.

Stay at home moms: emphasizes the advantages of working part-time at home.
Corporate employees: emphasizes the opportunity to escape the corporate environment and build your own business.
Retirees: emphasizes the benefits of generating extra income without schedules or supervision.

3. Establish Yourself As A Specialist
One of the most effective ways to beat your competition is to establish yourself as a specialist in a narrowly defined area of your business. Prospective customers perceive a specialist as an expert in their field - someone with special insight who can to help them in a specific area.

You do not have to abandon your current marketing to establish yourself as a specialist. Just select a unique product you offer or a service you perform especially well and emphasize it in your marketing. Include testimonials from customers and endorsements from other experts to prove you are one of the best.

Tip: A service business that specializes can often charge a higher fee. Customers or clients expect to pay more for specialized service. Some will even consider your higher fee as evidence you are the ultimate expert.

You will have competitors as long as you are in business. But these 3 ways of positioning yourself will minimize their impact and allow you to generate sales with little or no competition.

7 Small Business Marketing Tips

Here are 7 low-cost but highly effective marketing tips to
help any small business find customers and generate sales

1. Don't Advertise Like a Big Business

Big businesses advertise to create name recognition and
future sales. A small business can't afford to do that.
Instead, design your advertising to produce sales
One way to accomplish this is to always include an offer in
your advertising - and an easy way for prospective customers
to respond to it.

2. Offer a Cheaper Version

Some prospective customers are not willing to pay the asking
price for your product or service. Others are more
interested in paying a low price than in getting the best
quality. You can avoid losing sales to many of these
customers by offering a smaller or stripped down version of
your product or service at a lower price.

3. Offer a Premium Version

Not all customers are looking for a cheap price. Many are
willing to pay a higher price to get a premium product or
service. You can boost your average size sale and your total
revenue by offering a more comprehensive product or service
...or by combining several products or services in a special
premium package offer for a higher price.

4. Try Some Unusual Marketing Methods

Look for some unconventional marketing methods your
competitors are overlooking. You may discover some highly
profitable ways to generate sales and avoid competition. For
example, print your best small ad on a postcard and mail it
to prospects in your targeted market. A small ad on a
postcard can drive a high volume of traffic to your website
or generate a flood of sales leads for a very small cost.

5. Trim Your Ads

Reduce the size of your ads so you can run more ads for the
same cost. You may even be surprised to find that some of
your short ads generate a better response than their longer

6. Set up Joint Promotions with Other Small Businesses

Contact some non-competing small businesses serving
customers in your market. Offer to publicize their products
or services to your customers in exchange for their
publicizing your services to their customers. This usually
produces a large number of sales for a very low cost.

7. Take Advantage of Your Customers

Your customers already know and trust you. It's easier to
get more business from them than to get any business from
somebody who never bought from you. Take advantage of this
by creating some special deals just for your existing
customers ...and announce new products and services to them
before you announce them to the general market.

Also, convert your customers into publicity agents for your
business. Develop an incentive for them to tell associates
and friends about the value of your products or services. An
endorsement from them is more effective than any amount of
advertising - and it is much cheaper.

Each of these 7 marketing tips provides a simple, low-cost
way for any small business to find customers and generate
sales quickly.

Decide to Be Fired Up!

Jan Ruhe

Use every email and call you make
Every conversation you have
Every meeting you hold or attend
To let everyone know your dreams and desires
Let people know of your vision of what you expect
Fire Up! others around you
Fire Up! and forgive those who have hurt you
Fire Up! your vocabulary and choose your words carefully
You are a powerful person
Spread the fire of desire
Radiate your passion
Believe in yourself
Concentrate on what you do right
No human is perfect, forgive yourself
You can't change the past
Focus on your goals, your dreams and your hopes
Believe in miracles, expect them do not be surprised by them
Come to the table of plenty, there is a place set for you.
Your success will be served on a silver platter.
Stay Fired up no matter what.

The day you decide is the day that your life will change for the better forever.

Decide to stay Fired Up! For life!
-Jan Ruhe


By Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Coach (tm)
Copyright MLM University(r)

Okay, so you're at the table with your prospects to give a formal presentation hoping to enroll them into your business. Here are the key questions that will give you control of your presentation while completely honoring your prospects.
1. Motivation Question
You need to know why your prospects decided to look at your program in the first place. You need to know what their hot buttons are. And, you need to know something about your prospect's world before you can present any benefits to them.
Although the Motivation Question does not usually reveal the TRUE motivations of your prospects, it is a good starting point for finding out what their real needs are. Here's the key question:
"Folks, I'm just a little curious, why did you decide to take a look at this program?"
Listen very carefully to their answer because you're going to repeat it back to them in just a minute.
2. The Permission Question
You need to ask several key questions throughout your presentation. If you start asking powerful questions without their permission, it will sound as though you're interrogating them...not a good idea.
You can easily get them to give you permission to ask your questions by simply asking permission to do so. Just ask:
"It would be helpful to me if I could understand a little more about your situation. May I ask you some questions?"They always say yes.
3. The Exploratory Question
Prospects seldom reveal their true hot buttons when you ask them a simple Motivation Question. However, if you can get them to elaborate on their answer, in the process they will usually describe their true motivations for looking at your program.
A simple Exploratory Question like this will usually do the trick:
"You said that the reason you decided to look at this program was because...(repeat what they told you). What did you mean by that?"
Tip from the Coach: Listen for them to reveal (and elaborate on) their dissatisfactions regarding their finances, their freedom and their jobs.
4. The Financial Problem Question
Financial problems are one of the big three reasons why people get into network marketing. To find out if this is a concern (motivation) of your prospect, ask this question:
"Are you completely satisfied with the amount of money you're making right now?"If they say no, ask them another Exploratory Question to get them to elaborate. Try: "Why do you say that?"
5. The Freedom Problem Question
Another reason people get into network marketing is because they don't have enough freedom. To uncover this motivation, ask this question:
"How do you feel about the amount of free time you have to do the things you'd like to do with your family?"
If they are dissatisfied, get them to elaborate by asking another Exploratory Question. Try:
"Would you explain what you mean by that please?"
6. The Job Dissatisfaction Question
The third major reason people get into network marketing is because they hate their jobs. If it's a concern of theirs, here's the question that will bring it to the surface:
"Are you totally happy with the kind of work you're doing now?"
If they say no, (well, you know what to do.) Try:
"Would you give me an example of what you mean?"
7. The Solution Question
You can get your prospects selling themselves on your business opportunity by getting them to tell you the benefits of having solutions to the problems they told you about. (Now we're getting into the heavy-duty stuff)
Playback (summarize) to your prospects the specific problems they told you about regarding their financial, freedom and job dissatisfactions and then ask this question:
"What would it mean to you and your family if you found a business opportunity that would solve all of those problems for you?"
Stand back and let them tell you about all of the wonderful things your business will do for them. (Powerful stuff, huh?)
8. The Basic Qualifying Question
This is the granddaddy of all the questions. A yes to this question and your deal is practically done. You need to ask this question just before you demonstrate your products, services and marketing plan:
"Folks, if I can demonstrate to you that my company's business opportunity will solve all of the issues you have expressed to me today, are you ready to make a serious commitment and get started?"
The odds of them saying yes to this question are extremely high and if they do, the odds of them joining your business (if you want them) are extremely high too.
9. The Specific Benefits Question
As you demonstrate the benefits of your company's products, services and compensation plan, be sure you show them how your business will solve the problems they expressed to you earlier. Then ask this question to make sure you met their needs:
"Now that I have explained the entire program to you, do you see how it will meet your needs to your satisfaction?"
10. The Test Question Close
Don't change a single word in this question. Get the husband and wife to respond separately. Look them directly in the eyes and ask:
"Mr.and Ms. _____, do you see how you will benefit by being a part of this program?"
If you have asked the other nine questions the way I taught you, they will say yes to this question too. And when they do, you simply take out your paperwork (agreement) and write them up.
Now get off your butt and go have some fun.

Hilton Johnson and his wife, Lisa, are the founders of MLM University, virtual sales training and coaching for Network Marketers Who Hate Selling (tm).
Hilton has been in direct sales for over 35 years and has been training and coaching people for over 29 years. His articles have been published and reprinted in hundreds of publications and e-zines throughout the world.
He is often referred to as the Language Coach (tm) because he teaches specific language that makes prospecting and presenting more natural and comfortable.All of Hilton's training programs are based on the principle of Network Marketing By Attraction (tm) versus persuasion or manipulation.
(954) 491 - 8996

How To Start?

How to Start ?

1. Sign up and become our privileged Internet Business Partner [IBP] or GBE with a registration fee of RM38.00 to enjoy the full e-commerce facilities available in our website.

On line registration
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2. You may sell/purchase any of the Product Package [PP] listed in our “Smart Customer’s Product Packages [SCPP]”, by purchasing one pack or more to achieve the status you desire; the price per PP is RM304.00. As for the GBE product packages, the price per PP is RM494.00 The product BV for SCPP, CSP or GBE is the same.

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Vision and Mission

Uptrend2u is committed to becoming a highly-successful network marketing company that is seen both as a benchmark and a role model by its peers by combining breakthrough business concepts, quality products and a passion for mutual enrichment with a prosperous, dynamic and harmonious environment, all built on a foundation of “Share and Share Alike”.

Because the modern world has become borderless due to the advent of the World Wide Web and rising dependency of ICT tools, Uptrend2u strives to become the market leader in Internet and network marketing, a field of business that will pave the way for the future.

To successfully position Uptrend Network Sdn. Bhd. as an international business that truly embodies the concepts of e-Commerce.

We aim to make Uptrend2u a household name in the international market within the next five years.


Uptrend2u is committed to becoming a highly-successful network marketing company that is seen both as a benchmark and a role model by its peers by combining breakthrough business concepts, quality products and a passion for mutual enrichment with a prosperous, dynamic and harmonious environment, all built on a foundation of “Share and Share Alike”.

To provide opportunities and encouragement to our IBPs via our corporate strength, experience and leadership.

We aim to help our IBPs throughout the world communicate efficiently, creating vast opportunities for them to achieve their goals while bringing fulfilment, joy and excitement.

To make Uptrend2u a centre of education and self-enhancement.

We will provide our IBPs with the knowledge to operate the most powerful Information Technology tools and arm them with the communication skills necessary to build a thriving e-Business while also exposing them to the concept of leverage income through Internet networking.

To build Uptrend2u into THE leading networking company in Malaysia associated with trustworthiness, integrity and sustainable success.

We are dedicated towards developing long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships with our IBPs by offering them the most advanced, most user-friendly and most easily duplicable marketing plan with the potential for unlimited income generation; quality lifestyle products that meet the demands of today’s consumers; and the convenience of operating an international business from the comfort of their homes.

Uptrend2u strives to fulfil its vision and achieve its mission with integrity, transparency and commitment through its 9 core principles for holistic success.


Uptrend2u constantly strives to be outstanding and innovative, achieving amazing results and unmatched growth via the efforts of its extraordinary business leaders.


Uptrend2u encourages its entrepreneurs to cultivate the virtue of patience; good things come to those who wait, only through patience is long-term, sustainable growth and success attained.


Uptrend2u values integrity and transparency above all else; a good personal and professional reputation is invaluable in building long-term and far-reaching relationships.


Uptrend2u has designed a business plan that is exceptionally simple yet powerful, equipped with easy-to-follow steps and processes to make replication of performance and success a breeze.


Uptrend2u’s unique business concepts are tested and proven to be highly effective; at the same time, the success of the company is built on the effectiveness of its people.


Uptrend2u believes in the power of connection; through networking, entrepreneurs are able to develop mutually beneficial relationships while also aligning their vision and goals for shared success.


All Uptrend2u entrepreneurs are driven by the same desire; to achieve success and prosperity beyond boundaries while making the world a better place.

8. 2 = Two or To

Uptrend2u believes in the value of synergy and partnership; while individual passion and performance is vital, it is through collaboration that extraordinary success is achieved.


Uptrend2u derives its strength and success from its entire network of members, leaders, suppliers, merchants and other relevant parties.

Business Concept

The Business of Success
Ever thought of owning your very own international business? Earning an income even while you sleep? Or sharing a profitable venture with your friends and family from anywhere in the world?

Uptrend2u can help you do just that, and so much more! Combining the pervasive influence of the Internet with the exponential power of Network Marketing, the Uptrend2u Marketing System is one of the most effective e-commerce marketing systems available today, and offers our members the best chance of earning big, realistic and residual incomes.

This breakthrough business concept has helped transform the lives of individuals from all walks of life regardless of background, culture, age, educational level or beliefs. And when you join us at Uptrend2u, we will show you how to build an effective, income-generating e-commerce business that will bring you unlimited potential for personal growth.

But this opportunity is not just for you. Our philosophy of “Share and Share Alike” means that we also empower you to share this incredible concept with your friends and family, thus providing them a unique opportunity to improve their lifestyles and achieve their dreams. Thus Uptrend2u functions not just as an e-commerce business, but also as a powerful platform for building, enhancing and maintaining positive relationships with your loved ones.

So to take your first step towards building a profitable e-commerce business, and a better world, come join us at Uptrend2u today!

Dr. Ahmad Daud M.D. (A.M) - Sr. General Manager (Sales & Marketing)

From the day I set foot in the Network Marketing industry, I’ve lived by the belief that you can only fulfil your dreams if you have to courage to pursue it. Being courageous means always doing your best, even if you think failure is inevitable. It was this belief that made my time in the MLM business so meaningful, inspiring me to look beyond my fears and see the opportunities behind them.

I never imagined that I would be able to build up an MLM business from scratch, but I tried, and succeeded. I never thought that I would ever be able to manage one of Malaysia’s 10 biggest Network Marketing companies, and yet, I did. It was not that I was smarter, brighter or more talented than everyone else, but because I somehow dared to do what others thought impossible, and came out a better person.
Today I am the Senior General Manager of Uptrend Network Sdn. Bhd., and hold both a degree and a PhD in Alternative Medicine. I’ve achieved success far beyond my wildest dreams, yet I know there’s still so much for me to do. Today I draw my courage from my colleagues at Uptrend Network, from its many members who strive, day in, day out, for the betterment of our quality of life and from knowing the fact that with courage, there is nothing that can’t be achieved.

Mr. Gary Gan – President ( International Market )

Throughout my 18-year career in the Network Marketing industry, I’ve been called many things; leader, guru, high-achiever. But there’s one title that I hold closest to my heart, and that’s “hard worker”. I ventured into the world of MLM when I was 18 years old, and started from the very bottom of the ladder. With perseverance, determination and the support of the people around me, I made my first million in my early 20s, after which I moved up to become the company’s No. 1 leader. Then, working harder than I’ve ever worked before, I developed a company from its inception into a nationwide network of over 50 thousand distributors, an achievement that I am still proud of till this day.

As you can see, I place great emphasis on the value of hard work. I believe that the harder you work for something, the bigger your rewards will be. Therefore, there is a need to nurture one’s industrious nature and arm oneself with the right skills, attitudes and expertise in order to achieve the loftiest of goals. That’s why apart from taking care of Uptrend’s international business activities, I’m also involved in personal development training, especially Brain Development programmes, in order to enable Uptrend members to unlock their hidden potential.
My hope is that, through consistent hard work and focussed leadership, I, as part of the Management of Uptrend Network, will be able to inspire the Company and its members to achieve results far beyond our expectations.

Ms.Susie Yeoh – Chief Executive Officer / Director

Welcome to the new and improved Uptrend2u website! This bolder, brighter outlook was created not just to reflect the energy and exuberance of our members, but the positive and powerful growth we have experienced for the past two years. This spanking new portal is our gift to you for all your hard work, passion and determination in making life better not only for yourselves, but for everyone around you.

While the website now looks like a million bucks, the changes are not just on a superficial level; we have added in new dynamic features to make navigation and conducting your day-to-day business transactions a breeze, allowing you to achieve your objectives even faster! And because we make it a point to stay on the forefront of technological advancement, we’ve set up a streaming video feature, a virtual tour and even an online poll to give you a more vibrant, more exciting Uptrend2u experience.
We hope that this transformation, such as it is, will in turn transform the way you do business and take you even closer towards realising your grandest goals and dreams. And remember, “Share and share alike”, so go ahead and share your extraordinary Uptrend2u success stories with your friends, family and associates! Have a productive day!
"In my line of business, I believe that passion is everything. It was passion that drove me to become the sole distributor of one of Japan’s most renowned hobby product brands, and then to set up a successful enterprise supplying carpets and renovation material to major office buildings.
It was also passion that moved me to venture into multi-level marketing; a passion for health, for technology, and above all, for people. Today, I manage a network of over one hundred thousand people, made up of individuals from all walks of life that nonetheless share my vision and dreams; to create a better world through a culture of sharing.
Thus I am living proof that anyone can be successful just by being ourselves, and being passionate about what we believe in. After all, knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of my employees and group members is what motivates me to do the best I can every day. It is my hope that as the business grows, everyone will have a chance to experience and achieve what I have. And together, we will build a world of prosperity, peace and friendship by upholding the philosophy of 'Share and Share Alike'”.

About Uptrend Network

What happens when you combine the immediate, far-reaching powers of the Internet with a multi-level marketing concept where it is both easy to learn and easy to earn? You get Uptrend2u, the world’s leading e-commerce networking business system.

Uptrend2u is an Internet-based multi-level marketing platform that allows you to build an international business from the comfort of your home or office. Our members consist of individuals from all walks of life, from financiers and managements strategists, to teachers, retirees and fresh graduates; by identifying their strengths and building on them, these passionate people are, today, proud owners of thriving Internet businesses.

When you become our privileged Internet Business Partner (IBP), you’ll be given the chance to harness the vast potential of the global market through a user-friendly yet powerful business portal that acts as the gateway to your very own internet enterprise. You will be backed by our experienced, strategic and highly-motivated management team, all successful network marketers who are dedicated towards helping you set up, run and expand your business and ultimately, fulfil your goals and dreams.

But like all businesses, time is of the essence. So steady your focus, put your best foot forward, and get ready for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Pictures : MLM

"What if five robbers were robbing for you and
they each recruited five more robbers to rob for you?"

Buku :Menjadi Jutawan MLM

Tahukah anda? 20 peratus daripada 500 ribu jutawan Amerika terlibat dalam bisnes MLM. Manakala 35 peratus jutawan di Malaysia adalah jutawan MLM. Nilai bisnes MLM melebihi 100 bilion USD dan lebih 40 juta rakyat seluruh dunia berkecimpung dalam bisnes MLM.

Lahirnya buku ini adalah satu daripada khazanah panduan MLM yang sememangnya ditunggu-tunggu oleh para usahawan jualan langsung (MLM). Saya memerhatikan bahawa setiap usahawan yang gigih dan aktif, kadang-kadang tidak mengetahui tentang teknik-teknik yang berkesan dalam membina perniagaan MLM. Mereka yang sepatutnya mendapat didikan yang secukupnya daripada upline ataupun penaja dibiarkan tanpa panduan yang betul.
Tidak kurang juga ada upline yang begitu mengambil berat dan bertanggungjawab terhadap downline. Kehadiran buku ini, dapat menambahkan lagi khazanah ilmu pengetahuan mereka untuk berjaya dalam MLM. Apabila kita perhatikan dengan lebih mendalam, dapat dibuat kesimpulan iaitu potensi jualan langsung amat memberang-sangkan. Jumlah jualan industri jualan langsung sedunia kini melebihi USD80 bilion. Manakala di Malaysia pula, jumlah jualan industri jualan langsung melebihi RM4 bilion. Angka ini memberikan satu petanda yang positif bahawa sudah tiba masanya MLM (Multilevel Marketing / pemasaran pelbagai peringkat / jualan langsung) menjadi sebuah industri yang terhebat di dunia. Abad ke-21 adalah milik MLM.
Dahulunya iaitu sekitar tahun 70-an, MLM dipandang hanya sebelah mata. MLM pada waktu itu dianggap kelas bawahan dan sudah tentu pengedarnya dipandang hina. Ini terjadi kerana MLM pada waktu itu adalah konsep jualan dengan cara mengetuk pintu dari rumah ke rumah. Kini, MLM sudah berubah dengan pesatnya. Seiring dengan zaman IT dan telekomunikasi, perniagaan jualan langsung ini dapat dijalankan dengan menggunakan kemudahan IT dan telekomunikasi. Bahkan, industri ini dipandang mulia kerana melahirkan lebih ramai usahawan yang berjaya dan bertaraf jutawan melebihi industri lain. Saya amat berbesar hati jika anda dapat mengamalkan setiap kandungan dalam buku ini.
Buku ini dibahagikan kepada 5 bahagian:
Bahagian 1: Mengenali MLMRamai orang berminat menyertai MLM. Tetapi masih banyak yang mereka tidak tahu. Oleh itu, bahagian ini memperkenalkan MLM, panduan memilih syarikat MLM, komitmen dalam MLM dan yang paling penting, bolehkah mereka menjadi jutawan MLM.
Bahagian 2: Kelebihan MLMApabila anda menyertai MLM, sebenarnya banyak kelebihan yang anda perolehi. Bahagian ini menerangkan lebih lanjut kelebihan-kelebihan itu.
Bahagian 3: Cabaran dan PersiapanSetiap perniagaan ada cabarannya yang tersendiri. Bahagian ini memberi panduan bagaimana menghadapi cabaran dalam MLM dan persiapan yang perlu anda lakukan. Antaranya, apa yang perlu dibuat apabila pelanggan menolak dan persediaan emosi dan sikap.
Bahagian 4: Menaja dalam MLMBahagian ini menekankan teknik menaja dalam MLM. Antara topik yang menarik ialah 5 langkah penajaan yang baik, teknik menaja ala helang, teknik jualan, power closing, home party dan teknik peniruan yang kreatif.
Bahagian 5: Motivasi MLMDalam bahagian ini diberikan beberapa tip dan teknik bagi memotivasi diri mereka yang terlibat dalam MLM. Antaranya bagaimana mengatasi rasa takut, teknik kuasa minda, bagaimana memotivasi downline dan dalil-dalil mengapa anda perlu terlibat dalam MLM.
Di dalam buku ini juga ada dimasukkan panduan-panduan ringkas dan ditandakan dengan beberapa ikon tertentu.Harapan saya semoga dengan lahirnya buku ini, dapat memberikan cahaya bagi kegelapan. Biarpun suluhan cahaya itu tidak seterang mana, sekurang-kurangnya melalui cahaya yang sedia ada, dapat dijadikan penyuluh pada malam hari. Fahamilah sedalam-dalamnya. Mohd Rozani bin Pawan Chek
untuk maklumat lanjut klik disini


01. Jangan – bertangguh
02. Jangan – tunjukkan marah anda dan perasaan kecewa anda.
03. Jangan – malu untuk bertanya tentang persetujuan ( close )
04. Jangan – berbalah
05. Jangan – janji yang bukan-bukan
06. Jangan – meleret, matlamat-persetujuan ( close )
07. Jangan – perlekeh pesaing anda ( membandingkan boleh )
08. Jangan – cepat putus asa, buat tindakan susulan
09. Janagn – ambil kesempatan
10. Jangan – mendesak, tapi menarik ( memujuk )

7 Rules...


01. Mengajar mesti daripada bawah ( Teaching must begin at the bottom )
02. Memperkenalkan diantara satu sama lain ( Promote each other )
03. Menghormati diri sendiri & orang lain ( Respect one another & yourself )
04. Perkara berhubung dengan duit hedaklah diperkatakan dengan jelas ( Money matters must be sound and clear )
05. Fokuskan minda anda ( Focus your mind )
06. Berita baik – Sampaikan ke bawah ( Good news – Pass Down )
Berita buruk – Sampaikan ke atas ( Bad news – Pas Up )
07. Beri semangat / Tunjukkan minat ( Give enthusiasm )



01. Lakukan – temujanji pada masa yang dijanjikan denagn tepat.
02. Lakukan – persediaan Fail / Risalah / Bahan Rujukan.
03. Lakukan – persiapan diri dengan berpakaian kemas / ringkas.
04. Lakukan – jual perniagaan dahulu baru produk
05. Lakukan – menyanjung seseorang ( Tee-up )
06. Lakukan – senyum & jadilah diri anda sebenar ( bertenang )
07. Lakukan – menjadi pendengar yang baik dan kawal diri.
08. Lakukan – Seolah-olah anda 100% tahu dan minat terhadap perniagaan yang anda lakukan
09. Lakukan – kongsi pengalaman dan cerita anda kepada mereka
10. Lakukan – memotivasikan diri anda untuk anda terus berusaha tanpa hent

Mengapa sesetengah orang boleh menaja dengan baik ?

01. Mereka laparkan kejayaan dan untuk memenuhi keperluan.
02. Mereka mempunyai keyakinan yang kukuh dengan Uptrend.
03. Mereka melayan prospek dengan bersungguh-sungguh.
04. Mereka berfikir sebagai pemenang.
05. Mereka percaya bahawa mereka mambantu orang lain untuk mengatasi pencapaian terbaik mereka.
06. Mereka tahu dengan terperinci tentang syarikat dan perniagaan yang mereka jalankan.


Pada kebiasaannya orang yang gagal selalunya terlalu amat suka memberikan alasan. Mereka mempunyai terlalu banyak alasan, mengapa mereka gagal. Mereka mungkin mempunyai alasan yang munasabah tetepi tiada siapa yang peduli. Masyarakat dunia tidak mengiktiraf mereka yang gagal. Anda lihat kepada rekod olimpik, hanya mereka yang berjaya sahaja tercatat namanya, mana perginya nama-nama mereka yang kalah? Masyarakat dunia hanya tahu dan ingin tahu satu perkara sahaja – Sudahkah anda mencapai kejayaan


01. Jika saya bujang/berkahwin…
02. Jika saya ada cukup tarikan…
03. Jika saya ada duit / modal…
04. Jika saya ada latar belakang pendidikan yang baik…
05. Jika saya mampu dapat pekerjaan yang baik..
06. Jika saya ada masa…
07. Jika masa mengizinkan…
08. Jika orang lain boleh memahami saya…
09. Jika keadaan persekitaran saya ada sedikit perbezaan…
10. Jika saya muda…
11. Jika saya tidak takut / gentar kepada apa yang orang lain kata…
12. Jika saya diberikan peluang…
13. Jika saya tidak perlu menghadapi halangan dan cabaran…
14. Jika saya dilahirkan kaya…
15. Jika saya dipertemukan dengan orang yang betul…
16. Jika saya mempunyai bakat seperti mereka…
17. Jika saya mendapat galakan…
18. Jika orang tidak buat saya marah ( kecewa )…
19. Jka saya tidak perlu buat kerja rumah dan menjaga anak…
20. Jika saya menang loteri…
21. Jika Bos tahu menghargai…
22. Jika seseorang / orang atasan boleh membantu saya…
23. Jika keluarga saya menyokong…
24. Jika saya tinggal dibandar besar…
25. Jika saya mempunyai personaliti seperti mereka…
26. Jika saya tidak terlalu gemuk…
27. Jika orang lain menyedari kebolehan saya…
28. Jika saya tiada hutang / tanggungan…
29. Jika saya tidak gagal…
30. Jika saya hanya tahu bagimana…
31. Jika saya berjayaberkahwin dengan orang yang tepat…
32. Jika saya yakin pada diri saya…
33. Jika saya tidak dilahirkan dalam bintang yang salah…
34. Jika saya bukan Cina / India / Melayu…
35. Jika saya tidak mempunyai kesilapan lalu…
36. Jika orang lain mahu mendengar saya…
37. Jika saya bersama orang atasan / kumpulan yang tepat…
38. Jika saya tahu bagaimana untuk…
39. Jika saya tidak mempunyai terlalu banyak perasaan takut…
40. Jika orang yang saya taja lebih rajin dan kuat bekerja…
41. Jika saya tidak mudah membelanjakan wang saya…
42. Jika anak & pasangan saya tidak membelanjakan wang sesuka hati…
43. Jika saya bernasib baik…
44. Jika orang atasan saya sanggup membantu saya…
45. Jika tempat perjumpaan / HQ hampir dengan rumah saya…
46. Jika saya kenal beberapa orang kaya…
47. Jika saya tidak menangguhkan…
48. Jika mereka mampu untuk bertutur dalam bahasa saya…
49. Jika kumpulan saya tidak membuat saya gagal…
50. Jika saya boleh jadi bijak dan kuat bekerja…

Bila direnung balik, rupanya saya sendiri adalah seorang yang pandai mencipta alasan…kene kurangkan nih…hehe…

Iklan pertama

Dua hari saya tak menulis kerana penat ngan aktiviti lain. Sebenarnye, saya di UKM ni ade join satu kelab kesenian iaitu kelab kertuk dan rebana ubi,UKM. Sudah 5 tahun saya bergiat dalam kelab ni. Hari sabtu yang lepas kami ade persembahan untuk Festival Seni UKM dan pada hari semalam kami berkelah di Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat. Penatnye masih belum hilang sampai ke hari ini..Baiklah saya akan mulakan kerja minggu ni. Esok saya akan mula menghantar iklan dikawasan sekitar. Wish me luck..babai..

Berniaga Dengan Konsep...

4.23 pm, Restoran Selera Herba , Bandar Baru Bangi.

Saya dan partner saya Acik baru selesai menikmati makan tengahari yang agak lewat. Saya memesan “Nasi Beriani Ayam Kuzi” manakala Acik dengan “Laksa Johor”. Ini adalah kali kedua kami makan disini. Kedatangan yang lepas telah membuka lembaran perkenalan antara kami dan pemilik restoran ini iaitu pasangan suami isteri abg ‘Alim dan kak Rohaizan. Mereka menyediakan menu makanan yang sihat dengan mengurangkan penggunaan minyak, santan, dan garam disamping penggunaan herba selaras dengan nama restoran ini “Selera Herba”. Jika bagi mereka yang mementingkan rasa, mungkin ini bukan pilihan utama, tapi bagi yang mementingkan kesihatan, restoran ini patut dijadikan pilihan. Saya sebenarnya sangat cerewet dengan apa yang saya makan,di Bangi ni hanya satu kedai sahaja yang saya boleh makan dengan yakin dan tanpa was-was. Sekarang restoran ini sudah mejadi pilihan saya yang kedua.
Agak keluar dari topik sebenarnya post hari ni, tapi saya nak memberi penghargaan kepada golongan peniaga Melayu yang berani dan berwawasan dengan menyediakan menu makanan yang berbeza. Walaupun ramai orang Melayu yang membuka restoran di Bandar Baru Bangi ini,tetapi sebilangan sahaja yang mampu memberi kelainan,kebanyakannya seperti tiada konsep seolah-olah cuma saja-saja mencuba tanpa matlamat yang jitu. Seperti kebiasaan, selepas makan mata saya akan melilau mencari sesuatu untuk dibaca. Mata saya tertancap kepada deretan buku yang disusun di meja sisi berhampiran, terdapat buku-buku tulisan Chef Li, Sdr Azizi Ali yang telah saya baca cuma yang menarik perhatian saya ialah buku yang bertajuk Ringgit&Poket. Saya ambil buku tersebut untuk meneliti isinya, buku itu agak menarik untuk dibaca dan dijadikan koleksi saya. Sedang saya membaca serba sedikit dari buku tersebut Kak Rohaizan datang dan memberitahu bahawa buku itu adalah tulisan Abg ‘Alim. Wah, mereka ini bukan orang sebarangan, banyak ilmu yang mereka ada dan saya takkan melepaskan peluang ini untuk belajar sebanyak-banyaknya...
Baiklah, cukup setakat ini tentang mereka...malam ni saya akan ke HQ di PJ untuk mendalami lagi pelan pemasaran Uptrend sebelum saya memulakan perniagaan ini..Kepada pasangan Abg ‘Alim dan Kak Rohaizan...Selamat Berjaya...

Gold Power Uptrend

Semalam saya ngan partner saya acik pergi ke HQ Uptrend Network untuk mendengar dan be lajar cara-cara presentasi E.O.M. tapi bile da sampai kat sane jumpe plak kawan-kawan dari bangi yang sama-sama buat perniagaan ini dan mereka ajak untuk mendengar sesi Gold Power. Dari niat cume nak dengar E.O.M kitorang bertukar ke sesi Gold Power yang dibuat serentak di bilik sebelah. Sebelum ni saya tak pernah masuk sesi Gold power sebab tak tahu ape sebenarnye Gold Power tu. Rupa-rupanya bile dah masuk sesi ini lebih sesuai untuk kami yang masih baru memulakan perniagaan ini.
Disini kami dijelaskan tentang apa itu MLM dan jenis-jenisnya. Kami juga diterangkan dengan terperinci tentang plan-plan yang ada didalam Uptrend, dari Plan A sehingga ke Plan C. Selepas itu kami diberi tunjuk ajar bagaimana untuk menetapkan matlamat yang betul supaya kami tak cepat melatah dan mengalah dalam perniagaan ini. Baru saya sedari, MLM ini bukan satu pekerjaan yang mudah. Tanpa usaha yang gigih jangan haraplah nak dapat duit banyak secara cepat, kerana ini adalah salah satu perkara yang menyebabkan ramai orang gagal dalam perniagaan ini. Diakhir sesi, seorang surirumah telah dijemput untuk berkongsi pengalaman. Sangat banyak yang kami perolehi pada malam semalam.
Terima kasih kepada Pn Salina, Pn Adleena dan kepada team TRB Bangi, Khai, Nafidz, Hilmi, Zira dan yang lain-lain...Gud Luck....

Anda Sudah Silap...

Oleh: Zamri Nanyan

Saya kecewa!
Kecewa kerana idustri MLM yang sepatutnya menjadi suatu hadiah yang hebat bagi setiap orang yang mencari peluang untuk berjaya, tidak menjadi kenyataan kepada majoriti yang menyertainya.

Saya faham yang saya sepatutnya berfikiran positif… itu yang diajar oleh semua pemimpin MLM, tetapi saya rasa topik yang hendak saya bincangkan ini pun penting bagi saya meluahkan apa yang saya fikirkan dan apa yang ingin saya sampaikan.

Saya lebih kecewa kerana terlalu banyak kesilapan yang dilakukan, bukan sahaja di kalangan mereka yang terlibat dengan MLM, malah juga di kalangan mereka yang hanya melihat di tepian.
Jadi, apakah kesilapan yang saya maksudkan? ....

Sebenarnya petikan ini saya ambil dari e-book yang diedarkan oleh saudara Zamri Nanyan dari jadi anda boleh terus download disini
secara percuma....selamat membaca...

Hooking Up and Business : A Comparison

1) You see a beautiful girl at a party. You go up to her and say, "I'm a great lover."

That's Direct Marketing

2) You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a beautiful girl. One of your friends goes up to her and, pointing at you, says, "He is a great lover."

That's Advertising

3) You see a beautiful girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day you call and say, "I'm a great lover."

That's Telemarketing

4) You're at a party and see a beautiful girl. You get up and straighten your tie. You walk up to her and pour her a drink. You say, " May I?" and reach up to her hair, brushing your hand lightly against her arm, and then say, "By the way, I'm a great lover."

That's Public Relations

5) You're at a party and see a beautiful girl. She walks up to you and says, "I hear you're a great lover."

That's Brand Name Recognition

6) You're at a party and see a beautiful girl. You talk her into going home with your friend.

That's a Sales Rep.

7) Your friends can't satisfy her so he calls you.

That's Customer Service.

8) You're on your way to a party when you realize that there could be beautiful girls in all these houses you're passing. So you climb onto the roof of one situated toward the center and shout out at the top of your lungs, "I'm a great lover."

That's SPAM!

E.O.M at Kajang, Selangor

Tonight Uptrend Network will held an Entrepreneur Opportunity Meeting at Kajang, Selangor.

Prospecting is a Numbers Game, is it true?

Have you heard this before?

"It's only a numbers game.
If you speak to enough people, you're guaranteed to succeed,"

Do you agree with this..?

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What You Expect Is What You Get


If your Future Expectation is higher than your current reality, it creates motivation.

If your Future Expectation is the same as your current reality, it creates apathy.

If your Future Expectation is lower than your current reality, it creates failure.

This is the first reason to create a powerful, poisitive expectation or vision of what lies ahead. the second reason has to with the power apositive vision has to fuel commitment and overcome temporary obstacles in the way of its accoplishment.

so, create one for you now...together we break our personal best...

Impian saya...

27 Feb 2010, saya sedang berborak dengan abah di beranda Hotel Sutera Harbour, Karambunai sambil menikmati pemandangan yang indah dan angin yang bertiup nyaman. Didalam bilik utama, isteri tersayang, acik bersama mak dan adik beradik perempuan yang lain sedang berborak-borak tentang tempat-tempat menarik yang baru saja kami lawati semalam dan pagi tadi. Adik-adik yang lain pula sedang asyik menonton televisyen diruang tamu. Saya membawa mereka semua kesini adalah khas untuk menyambut hari ulang tahun perkahwinan mak dan abah serta hari ulang tahun kelahiran saya yang sememangnya pada tarikh yang sama iaitu 28hb Feb. Malam ini kami akan menikmati makan malam istimewa bagi meraikan detik tersebut. Kehidupan kami sekarang jauh berubah dengan rezeki yang Allah berikan melimpah ruah selepas saya mengambil keputusan untuk mengerjakan MLM Uptrend Network. Didorong dengan minat saya didalam keusahawanan dan internet memberikan saya kelebihan dalam mempromosikan perniagaan ini. Saya sangat bersyukur kerana telah berjaya membawa rakan niaga-rakan niaga saya ke tahap yang boleh dibanggakan sehingga saya sendiri memperolehi lebih RM200,000 sebulan hanya melalui perniagaan ini. Didalam perniagaan ini saya bukan sahaja mendapat pulangan yang sangat lumayan, tetapi saya telah mempunyai jaringan persahabatan dan perniagaan diseluruh dunia. Saya yang dahulunya tidak fasih berbahasa inggeris, telah berjaya menjadikan bahasa ini bahasa kedua saya. Saya sekarang menetap di sebuah rumah teres dua tingkat di Bandar Baru Bangi yang saya beli setahun lepas dan sedang menunggu rumah banglo tiga tingkat saya yang juga di Bandar Baru Bangi siap sepenuhnya pada tahun hadapan. Setakat ini satu daripada tiga kereta idaman saya iaitu Mercedes C200 yang sporty tu sudah berjaya saya miliki, syukur kepada Allah, impian saya satu persatu dikabulkan. Selepas berpindah kerumah baru saya nanti,saya mahu tambah koleksi saya dengan SUV jenama LandRover dan MPV Toyota Estima.Saya dan kedua-dua belah keluarga sudah menjelajah hampir keseluruh bumi Malaysia dan masih menunggu panggilan dari tabung haji untuk menunaikan ibadah haji. Gembira rasa hati melihat mak abah, dan ibu mertua dapat berjalan-jalan dan beristirehat selepas bertahun-tahun berpenat lelah membesar dan mendidik kami. Adik-adik dan anak-anak saudara yang masih bersekolah riang dapat mempelajari tempat dan perkara baru. Sekarang saya sedang berjinak-jinak dengan perniagaan hartanah dan akan menjadikannya sumber pendapatan seterusnya. Hari-hari saya berdoa kepada Allah supaya sentiasa dilimpahkan rezeki dan dikekalkan diri saya dalam kejayaan. Amin...
ini adalah impian saya...anda bagaimana pula?
letakkan impian anda disini dan sama2 kita menuju kejayaan...

Tanamkan impian yang besar/ Dare to dream big

Hai…ape khabar? Selamat berhari minggu, diharap kita semua dapat menggunakan hari ini sebaik-baiknya…baiklah hari ini dah masuk hari ketiga saya menulis di blog ini. Matlamatnya sudah ada, untuk menjadi seorang jutawan MLM dalam masa 3 tahun dari tarikh post pertama ditulis iaitu pada atau sebelum 30 Mac 2010. Semalam saya dah cerita tentang passionate dan kepentingannya dalam mengejar matlamat . Jadi ape lagi kunci kejayaan yang perlu ada ye…
Saya baru baca buku Dr Joe Rubino, Network Marketing for The New Millennium. Kat sini die tulis, saya mesti ada impian. Impian tu sama penting dengan passionate sebab tanpa salah satu saya tidak akan mempunyai pendorong yang cukup kuat untuk bergerak mencapai matlamat. Saya suka nak kaitkan dengan enjin motosikal supaya saya mudah faham. Saya adalah enjin tersebut manakala passionate sebagai minyak petrol, dan impian sebagai palam pencucuh. Tanpa kedua-duanya enjin tidak akan berfungsi, impian yang besar sama dengan palam pencucuh yang baik dan tahan lama, passionate atau minyak petrol pula perlu sentiasa dipenuhkan kerana kalau minyak tersebut kehabisan pastinya saya terpaksa menolak motor tersebut dan membawa kepada kekecewaan dan putus asa, impian yang besar pun sudah tidak berguna lagi…saya tak mahu jadi camni..
Jadi…bagaimana cara memilih “palam pencucuh” yang baik? Dalam buku ni ada disenaraikan apa yang sepatutnya ada dalam sebuah impian yang boleh memotivasi iaitu,

Untuk diri sendiri :
Siapa saya 3 tahun lagi?
Kualiti apa yang menjadi karektor saya?
Apa yang saya ada?
Dimana saya tinggal,dengan siapa?
Berapa yang saya perolehi?
Kereta apa saya pakai, rumah yang bagaimana saya tinggal dan harta/aset apa yang saya ada?
Apakah hobi saya diwaktu itu?
Bagaimana saya gunakan hari yang indah?

Untuk orang lain
Kepada siapa saya menyumbang?
Dari segi apa saya menyumbang?
Bagaimana saya dapat bantu kehidupan orang lain?
Kena buat satu karangan ni….esok saya akan letakkan dalam blog ini. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat berkongsi impian, boleh la masukkan ke comment hari esok ye…see ya..


E.O.M ialah singkatan kepada Entrepreneur Opportunity Meeting atau dalam bahasa melayunya, perjumpaan peluang keusahawanan. Dalam perjumpaan ini kita akan didedahkan peluang untuk mendapatkan pendapatan sampingan yang lumayan. Kita akan diterangkan tentang syarikat, produk dan pelan pemasaran yang membolehkan kita memperolehi pendapatan. Biasenye melalui perjumpaan inilah prospek2 baru atau mereka yang berminat untuk mendapatkan pendapatan sampingan akan diajak untuk sama2 menjalankan perniagaan ini. Ahli-ahli yang telah mendaftar perlu berusaha untuk membawa seberapa ramai prospek untuk bersama -sama menjalankan perniagaan ini. Saya belajar satu perkara hari ini, syarikat menyediakan banyak perjumpaan-perjumpaan seumpama ini untuk membantu ahli-ahlinya mendapatkan downline, tetapi sebagai ahli baru mesti bijak memilih perjumpaan atau speaker yang mampu memberikan presentasi yang baik supaya prospek yang kita bawa tidak akan teragak-agak untuk menyertai kita. Ok, cukup untuk E.O.M, nanti kite cerita lagi...

Identifying your passion...

hai..bertemu lagi kita pade hari ni...terlebih dahulu saya nak ucapkan selamat menyambut Hari Ulangtahun Keputeraan Nabi junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad SAW. Marilah kita sama-sama memperbanyakkan selawat keatas junjungan baginda. Baik, kite ambil sedikit pengajaran dari perjalanan hidup baginda. Bagaimana baginda dapat bertahan, bermotivasi dan sanggup bersusah payah untuk menyebarkan Islam? Jika kita kaji, ini sebenarnya bermula dengan keyakinan yang kukuh kepada ALLAH dan keghairahan( passionate) untuk mendapatkan keredhaan-Nya.
Jika kita baca buku-buku motivasi, semuanya menceritakan perkara yang sama, kita mesti yakin dengan apa yang kita buat dan passionate untuk mendapatkan ganjarannya. Ganjaran itu tak semestinya wang ringgit semata kerana jika kita terlalu mengharapkan wang ringgit kita akan mudah kecewa. Jadi kita perlu arahkan keghairahan kita untuk mendapatkan ganjaran yang lebih bernilai daripada wang ringgit. Cuba bayangkan kita sebagai seorang pendaki, apakah yang mendorong kita untuk sampai kepuncak? Mungkin kita sukakan cabaran dan puas bila dapat sampai kepuncak, saya sampai kepuncak Gunung Tahan 3 tahun lepas, tetapi kepuasannya masih terasa hingga kehari ini. Begitu juga dalam perniagaan MLM, saya adalah seorang yang suka berkawan dengan orang-orang dari pelbagai lapisan, keutamaan saya adalah untuk mendapatkan rakan dan pengalaman mereka dalam hidup, sesuatu yang tidak mampu saya bayar dengan wang ringgit. Ok, dah setel satu perkara, "passionate" saya telah ditetapkan, anda bagaimana pula? Tetapkan sekarang...
Ada banyak lagi yang perlu dipelajari dan diperbaiki, selepas ini saya akan cerita tentang visi...tunggu...
" hidup mesti ikhlas "

Uptrend Network

Uptrend ialah sebuah syarikat Malaysia yang menggabungkan kekukuhan sistem MultiLevel Marketing dengan keglobalan dan kepantasan internet dalam E-commerce. Uptrend telah mula beroperasi pada bulan April tahun 2004 iaitu 3 tahun yang lepas dan telah melahirkan lebih 18 orang jutawan. Uptrend telah banyak kali mendapat pendedahan media massa terutamanya dari surat khabar dan rangkaian televisyen utama. Dengan barisan kepimpinan yang mesra mewujudkan suasana kerja yang santai dan ceria.

Rasanya tak perlu diterangkan banyak-banyak tentang syarikat ini kerana anda semua boleh melayari sendiri laman webnya iaitu atau pergi terus ke sesi penerangan yang banyak diadakan di seluruh negara kerana tujuan blog ini ditulis bukan untuk mempromosikan syarikat ini. Saya akan lebih banyak menceritakan langkah-langkah yang saya ambil dan liku-liku yang saya tempuhi. Saya akan zahirkan disini susah senang menjalankan perniagaan MLM...

sekian ...

Pertama kalinya...

Assalamualaikum...dan salam keusahawanan...

Pertama sekali, segala puji bagi Ilahi kerana dengan limpah kurnianya saya dapat gak menulis kat sini setelah beberapa lama tertangguh. Keduanya ribuan terima kasih kepada insan tersayang Siti Zanariah bt Sirmadi yang banyak memberi sokongan dan sangat memahami impian saya. Seterusnya kepada kedua ibu bapa saya Kamal b Ali dan Ainun bt Bakar yang walaupun kurang menyokong keputusan yang saya buat tapi saya sangat berbesar hati kerana kalian berdua tidak sekali-kali membantah keputusan yang telah anakmu ambil. Blog ini dinamakan Tunas Jutawan atau Seeds Of Millionaire untuk memberi inspirasi kepada saya untuk terus berusaha sedaya-upaya untuk mencapai impian saya menjadi seorang Jutawan dalam perniagaan Uptren Network. Kepada anda, tunas jutawan semua yang sudi membaca blog ini saya sangat terhutang budi andai sudi tuan-tuan dan puan-puan untuk mencoretkan sebaris dua comment untuk panduan saya...Semoga apa yang kita semai hari ini akan membuahkan hasil yang lumayan untuk kita semua...

Akhir sekali...

" lets breaking our personal best"