Decide to Be Fired Up!

Jan Ruhe

Use every email and call you make
Every conversation you have
Every meeting you hold or attend
To let everyone know your dreams and desires
Let people know of your vision of what you expect
Fire Up! others around you
Fire Up! and forgive those who have hurt you
Fire Up! your vocabulary and choose your words carefully
You are a powerful person
Spread the fire of desire
Radiate your passion
Believe in yourself
Concentrate on what you do right
No human is perfect, forgive yourself
You can't change the past
Focus on your goals, your dreams and your hopes
Believe in miracles, expect them do not be surprised by them
Come to the table of plenty, there is a place set for you.
Your success will be served on a silver platter.
Stay Fired up no matter what.

The day you decide is the day that your life will change for the better forever.

Decide to stay Fired Up! For life!
-Jan Ruhe

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