How To Start?

How to Start ?

1. Sign up and become our privileged Internet Business Partner [IBP] or GBE with a registration fee of RM38.00 to enjoy the full e-commerce facilities available in our website.

On line registration
On line sponsoring
SMS service
Genealogy report
Bonus statement

2. You may sell/purchase any of the Product Package [PP] listed in our “Smart Customer’s Product Packages [SCPP]”, by purchasing one pack or more to achieve the status you desire; the price per PP is RM304.00. As for the GBE product packages, the price per PP is RM494.00 The product BV for SCPP, CSP or GBE is the same.

3. Please take note that your bonus in the Plan A (Fast Bonus) depends on the number of PP you purchase. Each PP entitles you to one Internet Business Centre [IBC] for the bonus calculation. With each IBC you can earn up to a maximum of RM684.00 in one single day for the Plan A.

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