Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 3

5. Empower your downline members ASAP!

Leveraging other people’s time and skills is the powerful system that lies behind Network Marketing.

Teaching is an important part of the game of building a strong team but some marketers make the mistake of doing too much for their downline members. This often backfires, however, because the downline members become comfortable and depend too heavily on their upline and never grow strong enough to build their own teams.

So it is important that you train your downline members and empower them to take the plunge towards getting going as quickly as possible. Avoid doing too much for them, or making them dependent on contacting you for every little thing.

6. Arrange group rather than one to one discussions

Whenever possible arrange to talk to a group of people at once rather than focus on talking to everyone individually, which will be very time consuming. The best network marketing companies will already have group presentations that you can invite people to attend but you may also want to consider running your own. Other things to try include hosting an online chat room, setting up a toll free number with a recorded message that invites callers to leave their details so that you can return the call.

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