3 Millionaire Mindsets

N - Stands for Novelty. What's new in your business? A big commission check? A new product launch? Finding out about CEM?s new "best of the best" leads? ;) That's what you need to focus on -- novelty. It keeps you fresh in mind. It keeps you exciting.

V - Stands for Value. If you are not bringing value to people, you will not be successful. In order to make bodacious money (in any business) you need to give your customers or prospects something that they can't get by NOT doing business with you.

At the VERY least, you are giving your prospects the real GIFT of network marketing: a chance for the little guy to make big bucks (and sleep in every morning)! Yahooooooo!

P - Stands for Passion. People don't care that your vitamins have "hydrophonically arranged molecules of permeated, heat-sensitive elements." They ONLY care about the PASSION you show...

If you are not in network marketing for the shear JOY of loving what you do, forget about it! You must find something that really brings about your passion! (That?s the $100,000 secret...passion!)
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