Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 1

One of the reasons that so many people are not successful with network marketing is because they give up too early. Now don’t get me wrong it can appear to be a tough business at the beginning. Recruiting, training, selling, promoting, it can seem like a huge learning curve of “things to do” and when you are not used to running a business in that way it can be easier to give up than go on.

Below are 11 steps you can take to ensure you enjoy success with network marketing, stay on the road to success and avoid potential pitfalls.

1. Be prepared to handle rejection.

Who said that any kind of selling was easy? But it all comes down to attitude. If you can understand that a rejection of the opportunity that you are so excited about is not a rejection of you as a person, then you are on your way. “No” must be interpreted as “next”. This is easier said than done but it’s the price of success.

2. Be realistic in your expectations.

All new businesses take time to develop and grow. If you go into a network marketing opportunity and raise your bar to a level you can’t reach you will soon become disappointed. By the same token I never want to dampen a persons enthusiasm if they truly believe that they can achieve high numbers in a short time. However, many times unrealistic expectations are set and disappointment often follows.

Would you work out in the gym for an hour and then expect to have rippling muscles? Then why expect a business venture to be off the ground and earning you money within a few weeks? Give it time, this is a newborn baby, it takes time to nurture and grow. The potential results are worth the initial effort.

If your attraction to a network marketing company was the sales page that mentioned the salaries of their top recruiters find those people and ask them how long it took them to build their business and how much money and time they had to put into it. This information will give you a clearer picture.

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