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Dah lame rasenye saya tak letak post kat sini...
saya baru je balik dari kampung di Kuantan...maklumlah kat sane takde streamix, nak gune prepaid telefon rumah plak buat perangai...

Tak taulah ape masalah telekom nih, dah dekat sepuluh kali datang betulkan, tak elok2 jugak...yuran bulanan tetap kene bayar...

Baru2 ni diorang datang, siap tukar aerial yang besar punye...dan 2-3 hari je...dari susah nak call-out, sekarang langsung takleh gune...motivasi saye pun jadi kendur...mule2 semangat, sekali kene camni terus layu jadinye...

Sebut pasal motivasi nih, kite kene dimotivasikan hari2 supaya kite akan berada dijalan yang betul untuk mencapai matlamat...nasib saya baik sebab ade sorang kawan saye nih, Taqiyuddin name die, die buat satu blog untuk motivasi...jadi, sekarang bile rase tak bermotivasi je saye terus jenguk blog Motivasi Kehidupan die...

Kepade anda yang rase tak bermotivasi tuh...jenguk2lah ke blog sdr Taqiyuddin nih...semoga kite same2 bermotivasi...

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 4

7. Look for people in need of extra income

Many small businesses are in need to extra revenue to help with cash flow problems. If they offer services they may also be interested in establishing a business that provides passive income - especially if it fits into what they already offer.

The biggest advantage is the fact that you are targeting people who are already motivated and understand what it takes to run a successful business. These individuals will also be networking in their businesses and therefore may be in a position of influence. Professionals that come in contact with a large number of people also make good distributors. The more ‘business minded’ your prospects are the more likely you will recruit them.

8. Make a written plan with all your goals

As a life coach I understand the importance of writing goals down as a way of working towards them. We are more likely to commit to something that is written down, plus you can hang it up within your sight to remind you of what you are working towards when you are in need of motivation. I recommend your top six goals are written out daily and/or read out.

Every business owner should have a goal to which they are aspiring to. If you aim for nothing you are likely to strike it. If your plan is to get to a residual income of $30,000 per month then you should set smaller goals on your way there.Enjoying Success With Network Marketing

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 3

5. Empower your downline members ASAP!

Leveraging other people’s time and skills is the powerful system that lies behind Network Marketing.

Teaching is an important part of the game of building a strong team but some marketers make the mistake of doing too much for their downline members. This often backfires, however, because the downline members become comfortable and depend too heavily on their upline and never grow strong enough to build their own teams.

So it is important that you train your downline members and empower them to take the plunge towards getting going as quickly as possible. Avoid doing too much for them, or making them dependent on contacting you for every little thing.

6. Arrange group rather than one to one discussions

Whenever possible arrange to talk to a group of people at once rather than focus on talking to everyone individually, which will be very time consuming. The best network marketing companies will already have group presentations that you can invite people to attend but you may also want to consider running your own. Other things to try include hosting an online chat room, setting up a toll free number with a recorded message that invites callers to leave their details so that you can return the call.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 2

3. Be in it for the long haul

Once you find a reputable company be prepared to stay for the long haul. As mentioned above building your business takes time. The most successful people in life have gone through very trying times but they stuck with it and left a legacy behind. It is often said that tough times don’t last but tough people do. The same is true for those seeking to build a solid residual income. You should commit yourself to at least 3 years before making a decision either way. Yes! That’s right. AT LEAST 3 years. Jumping from one opportunity to the next only shows a lack of decision and stability in your planning.

4. Listen to those who have been successful

Learn from the pros and stick with what works. When you first join a network marketing company it is really easy to “pick holes” in the way things are done. Perhaps you see a better way to achieve something. Well before you rush off and try it contact the “heavy hitters” – the successful people within the company and ask them if it has been tried already. If it ain’t broke then don’t try and fix it.

Be a learner for your first year. Just listen, learn and apply. After you are more established you can always pick up on your idea and if it is a good one then you will have the backing of experience to help you put it in place. Being in a new network marketing company is learning enough for anyone, don’t complicate things by trying to do things your way.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

Enjoying Success With Network Marketing - Part 1

One of the reasons that so many people are not successful with network marketing is because they give up too early. Now don’t get me wrong it can appear to be a tough business at the beginning. Recruiting, training, selling, promoting, it can seem like a huge learning curve of “things to do” and when you are not used to running a business in that way it can be easier to give up than go on.

Below are 11 steps you can take to ensure you enjoy success with network marketing, stay on the road to success and avoid potential pitfalls.

1. Be prepared to handle rejection.

Who said that any kind of selling was easy? But it all comes down to attitude. If you can understand that a rejection of the opportunity that you are so excited about is not a rejection of you as a person, then you are on your way. “No” must be interpreted as “next”. This is easier said than done but it’s the price of success.

2. Be realistic in your expectations.

All new businesses take time to develop and grow. If you go into a network marketing opportunity and raise your bar to a level you can’t reach you will soon become disappointed. By the same token I never want to dampen a persons enthusiasm if they truly believe that they can achieve high numbers in a short time. However, many times unrealistic expectations are set and disappointment often follows.

Would you work out in the gym for an hour and then expect to have rippling muscles? Then why expect a business venture to be off the ground and earning you money within a few weeks? Give it time, this is a newborn baby, it takes time to nurture and grow. The potential results are worth the initial effort.

If your attraction to a network marketing company was the sales page that mentioned the salaries of their top recruiters find those people and ask them how long it took them to build their business and how much money and time they had to put into it. This information will give you a clearer picture.

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

The Malaysian Revolution

Saya baru menyertai komuniti internet di TheMalaysianRevolution. Laman ini dibina oleh saudara Gobala Krishnan. Usaha yang sangat baik dengan menghimpunkan 12 orang IM yang sudah berjaya dari Malaysia untuk menjadi mentor kepada sesiapa yang benar2 berminat dan sanggup berusaha untuk menjadi seperti mereka. Disitu disediakan temuramah antara Sdr Gobala Krishnan dan 12 orang IM yang boleh dianggap sifu dalam perniagaan internet. Kepada yang berminat dengan MLM juga boleh mendapatkan pendedahan dari sifu MLM internet Malaysia iaitu Sdr Zamri Nanyan...Bagi yang berminat boleh klik banner diatas untuk anda dibawa kepada laman tersebut...

Terima kasih dan tahniah kepada Sdr Gobala Krishnan atas usaha yang dilakukan...

MLM Jutawan Uptrend Usahawan Network Marketing Millionaire

3 Millionaire Mindsets

N - Stands for Novelty. What's new in your business? A big commission check? A new product launch? Finding out about CEM?s new "best of the best" leads? ;) That's what you need to focus on -- novelty. It keeps you fresh in mind. It keeps you exciting.

V - Stands for Value. If you are not bringing value to people, you will not be successful. In order to make bodacious money (in any business) you need to give your customers or prospects something that they can't get by NOT doing business with you.

At the VERY least, you are giving your prospects the real GIFT of network marketing: a chance for the little guy to make big bucks (and sleep in every morning)! Yahooooooo!

P - Stands for Passion. People don't care that your vitamins have "hydrophonically arranged molecules of permeated, heat-sensitive elements." They ONLY care about the PASSION you show...

If you are not in network marketing for the shear JOY of loving what you do, forget about it! You must find something that really brings about your passion! (That?s the $100,000 secret...passion!)
If you want more info about Mark and his "millionaire training sessions," check out his site or get to the next college-accredited training -- it comes highly recommended!!

All My Best,

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