Ms.Susie Yeoh – Chief Executive Officer / Director

Welcome to the new and improved Uptrend2u website! This bolder, brighter outlook was created not just to reflect the energy and exuberance of our members, but the positive and powerful growth we have experienced for the past two years. This spanking new portal is our gift to you for all your hard work, passion and determination in making life better not only for yourselves, but for everyone around you.

While the website now looks like a million bucks, the changes are not just on a superficial level; we have added in new dynamic features to make navigation and conducting your day-to-day business transactions a breeze, allowing you to achieve your objectives even faster! And because we make it a point to stay on the forefront of technological advancement, we’ve set up a streaming video feature, a virtual tour and even an online poll to give you a more vibrant, more exciting Uptrend2u experience.
We hope that this transformation, such as it is, will in turn transform the way you do business and take you even closer towards realising your grandest goals and dreams. And remember, “Share and share alike”, so go ahead and share your extraordinary Uptrend2u success stories with your friends, family and associates! Have a productive day!
"In my line of business, I believe that passion is everything. It was passion that drove me to become the sole distributor of one of Japan’s most renowned hobby product brands, and then to set up a successful enterprise supplying carpets and renovation material to major office buildings.
It was also passion that moved me to venture into multi-level marketing; a passion for health, for technology, and above all, for people. Today, I manage a network of over one hundred thousand people, made up of individuals from all walks of life that nonetheless share my vision and dreams; to create a better world through a culture of sharing.
Thus I am living proof that anyone can be successful just by being ourselves, and being passionate about what we believe in. After all, knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of my employees and group members is what motivates me to do the best I can every day. It is my hope that as the business grows, everyone will have a chance to experience and achieve what I have. And together, we will build a world of prosperity, peace and friendship by upholding the philosophy of 'Share and Share Alike'”.

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